How Hylobiz is supporting Banks in UAE and offering faster collections to its customers?

Are you owning a business? Want to speed up payment collections at low transaction costs? Want to offer an improved and hassle-free buying experience to your customers? Yes? This article is meant for you.

Are you a banker? Looking for a payment automation solution that can support your SME and corporate customers in their payment collection process? Yes? This article will introduce you to the Fintech platform you are perhaps looking for.

Hylobiz, an automated one-stop solution offers competitive pricing, digital payments, automated invoicing, collections, and account management boosting the growth of businesses, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs. The Hylobiz Fintech platform assures 100% security and privacy to its customers.

The platform is already integrated with our standard ERP partners (Zoho, Coral, Tally, and FACT in UAE) and allows easy integration of existing ERP to auto-sync business invoices.

Any business would be glad to know that the web (Sign up) and the mobile app (Download the app: Android and Apple store) versions of Hylobiz

  • are highly safe.
  • offer zero settlement charges and are processed in just 2 days.
  • ensure faster payment collection at the cheapest rate.
  • offer business onboarding in just one business hour.

With Hylobiz, financial records of businesses get digital footprints, making it easier for them to avail from banks:

  • working capital finance
  • business loans
  • invoice discounting facilities

The system is highly transparent building a relationship of trust among businesses and their customers and bringing in reforms in the business value chain.

How does Hylobiz support Banks?

SMEs and freelancers and even big corporates sometimes stumble while recovering dues from clients and customers and often suffer bad debts as the ultimate blow.

This in turn puts the Banks at a huge loss. The heap of NPAs goes so high at times that it becomes a nightmare for the Banks as it adversely affects its financial health and reduces profit.

Hylobiz pre-integration with ERP provides authenticated data to the Banks on a real-time basis. The ability to view the distribution channel and counterparties of the customers supports new acquisitions.

It also enables the banks to offer:

  • working capital finance,
  • business loans and invoice discounting based on authenticated data,

increasing revenue stream at no additional cost for the bank.

How can Hylobiz speed up payment collections for businesses?

Every business irrespective of the industry in UAE, need no longer worries about outstanding collections and can communicate professionally with customers through Hylobiz and enjoy a competitive advantage.

The digitization of receivables and payables, the automated reports, and the automated reminders on the platform can help recover dues on time from the right clients shooting up the profit and leaving no scope of distrust and losses in relationships.

Hylobiz can automate a business in just a click irrespective of the ERP/ Bank it uses and can send out reminders to its customers for the recovery of dues. This gives the businesses and their banks, a healthy relationship, and a scope to grow together.

Some of the features worth mentioning that can initiate and carry out faster collections are listed below.

Hylobiz ledger feature displays the receivables and payables accurately. It enables,

  • Statements of Account at the contact level
  • Ledger level collections
  • To manage contacts

Alerts and Reminders can be customized at company and contact levels. Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp alerts and reminders help connect with customers and clients professionally and collect payments well on time.

ipad dashboard email How Hylobiz is supporting Banks in UAE and offering faster collections to its customers?
Figure 1: Email Reminder


With this feature, a business of any volume,

  • can attach and send out digital links over multiple communication channels,
  • can create branded invoices and import invoices in single/bulk.

Real-time business dashboards reflect the financial health and upcoming payables and receivables assuring payment collections faster than ever before.

screens tab mobile uae homepage How Hylobiz is supporting Banks in UAE and offering faster collections to its customers?
Figure 2: Receivables

Hylobiz offers partnerships with SMEs and other businesses in UAE. It can help with the cheque and cash tracking and allow unlimited collections faster both online and offline in partial or in full.

We assure you that banks can help their business customers to recover their dues better when they are with us. We believe in growing together and can foresee a network where businesses of various sectors and banks in UAE continue to partner and grow with us. We grow when our network grows.

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