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An entrepreneur needs capital to run a business as the human body needs blood. A human maintains diet, exercise, and sleep to keep himself healthy. In the same way, to maintain good business health, a business needs to take care of many business functions.

The need for capital in a business is interdependent on many processes like invoicing, payments and collection. So, to maintain all these functions, business requires a solution that can help them with all their needs.

So, here comes the concept of Hylobiz, a B2B fintech startup helping businesses in India, UAE, and Bahrain with its tailor-made solutions.

On its mission to simplify and digitize businesses, Hylobiz brings a new edge business collection solution called Hylocollect in partnership with Etisalat.

How can Hylocollect be beneficial for your business?

Digitize your account receivables

Hylocollect offers you to digitize your collections by seamlessly integrating your ERP on the platform. It improves your collection efficiency and allows you to collect payment through payment links.

Also, track your cash/cheque collection on the app and enjoy a 360-degree real-time view of your finances.


It allows businesses to create branded invoices and share them with their customers across SMS, email, and WhatsApp. It also allows complete and real-time tracking of invoices.

Digital ledger

Also, get a digital ledger for all your transactions that is shareable with your customer/supplier. It helps in maintaining customer transparency and improves business relationships.

We also save your accountants time by offering you automatic reconciliation into your ERP on a real-time basis.

Enhance your working capital efficiency

Hylobiz digitizes your business collections, improves your collection efficiency, and drives efficiency in your business processes.

It brings down business costs and gives real-time visibility of your cash flows, which helps in optimizing working capital and also improves your business decision-making.

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Other top features of Hylobiz that businesses like the most are:

Seamlessly connect your ERP

  • Hylobiz allows you the fastest onboarding with a lifetime free subscription.
  • Improve your business workflows with seamless ERP integration at zero set-up cost.

Smart dashboard

  • Enjoy 360-degree control over your business with our dashboard feature. Also, get real-time updates on your business health and cash flows.
  • Avail of various business reports that supports your business decisions.
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Improve your collections by automating payment reminders. Remind your customer whenever a payment becomes due.

Pre-integrated payment gateway

  • Collect payment from your customers by offering them many payment modes and improving your customer experience.

Automate your vendor payouts

  • Never miss any payment due date with Hylobiz. You can automate your vendor payouts, taxes, and utility payments. Improve your relationship with your supplier and enjoy a better negotiation.

Competitive pricing

  • Enjoy quick settlements
  • Low transactional costs
  • No annual fees

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ISO certified

  • Hylobiz is an ISO-certified organization
  • Maintains bank-grade security
  • Practices encryption at multiple levels to make your transactions safe and secure.

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Hylobiz helps businesses in improving business efficiency and also results in savings in time and cost.

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